I help people who lack writing skills and/or the time to write, to author books. Essentially, I write the book for them.

How it works: My client shares his or her ideas, thoughts, notes, and/or interviews with me (in writing or over a call). I conceptualise a flow chapter-by-chapter and write the book.

I enter into a confidentiality (non disclosure) agreement with my client. So typically, I should have no images or projects to share of my ghostwriting work. However, a couple of my clients have credited me in the “Acknowledgements” section of their published work or on the “Dedication” page. One client even opted to name me as a co-writer (I must say this is usually not done). So, I can share a few works from my ghostwriting portfolio:

In Search of Spiritual Intelligence is Betty Steinhauer’s second book published by Fisher King Publishing in 2020. Betty is a repeat customer. She contracted me to work on her first book: My Way, which was first published by Aardvark Words in 2012 and republished by Fisher King Publishing in 2020.

Cover of the republished My Way

Marketing in a Digital & Data World by Brian Almeida and Walter Vieira (I was contracted by Brian Almeida)

Cover of Brian’s book published by Notion Press
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