What kind of people like talking about themselves?

Not me…

And yet, since you have landed on this page, I suppose I’m obliged to say something about myself. As a writer, it just wouldn’t do to say I’m lost for words… 🙂

So here’s my brief take on ‘me’ –

I’m a Mount Abu-based (that’s in Rajasthan, India) freelance writer with hundreds (I stopped keeping track of the number when it crossed 500 several years ago!) of articles in print (ink+online) and author of three books.

I am not a “qualified” writer per se … writing is my passion … so I never stop feeling privileged for spending so many hours every day (seriously!) doing something I love. Some people believe that the life of a writer is lonely, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s the opposite. I interact with some amazing editors and coordinators. Besides, every month I make anywhere from 15 to 20 new contacts!

I freelance for a number of Indian print publications covering subjects in diverse fields such as business, health, interiors, social issues, spirituality and technology. I don’t count any particular area as my favourite … I guess I’m just naturally inquisitive (though I believe some of my closer friends may choose to call me nosy!) and use this to much benefit (talk about leverage!).

Also a trained cost accountant and computer programmer, I have chosen to apply these skills on a part-time basis to benefit a health NGO in Mount Abu.

I understand that numbers and words are stark opposites, and to many, it seems strange that I meddle with both … let’s just say that I love balance…

I’m not quite sure if it is an outcome of my penchant with crunching numbers, but I tend to approach writing/journalism much as a computer would — processing large volumes of information to distill the essence. I believe there is no end to learning the art of infusing colour and style in this wonderful craft.

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